afraid of the dark

years and years i've been in this place
with big shapes and contraptions to haunt me
not even a shard of glass to look at my face
nothing to heal the scars that are upon me

the sun rises and sets and i stand by the window
occasionally a bird whistles at me
i see the children play and i want to be with them
but i can't because of these hands that belong to me

i cannot eat and i cannot drink
and i have no one to talk to
therefore i observe and i think
even at the times when i don't want to

i'm barely human, i'm unfinished
my father didn't wake up
i'm not augmented and therefore diminished
but i do not cry or wail like a pup

with no blanket to shield and no light to see 
i wonder what's going to become of me
with my torn up bed and wall of pictures
they're my only company

one day i wonder what would happen
if i went to sleep and didn't wake up
like my father who was old and gray 
but i cannot live like this, it is enough 

if you're reading this, please come and save me
i'm afraid of the dark, i don't know what to do
don't ever leave, don't ever forsake me
i want to hope that i am worthy of you.
for edward scissorhands || originally posted here.
happy new year, everyone :)
-jocee <3

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