Yet another author :)

Hi! I'm yet another new author. Elisabeth actually invited me several months ago, and I've been lurking ever since. Now that I saw that Myla is on here, I think I have no excuse to be lurking any more. I participate in NaNoWriMo every year, and in between Novembers I write really short stories. Just for fun.
My fake name is Potato, because it's been a nickname for ages.

Here's a bio (E, put this on the Authors page):
Potato: I've been writing since I was about five. For years, it was just a small hobby. I'd write a few hundred words every now and then and that would be it. Starting in 2010, I started enjoying it more (thanks to NaNo). I've known Elisabeth ever since we were both six, and we're besties forever. I also know Myla (if she is who I think she is). Jocee, I've read your blog once or twice. I like taking tiny prompts and turning them into a whole story. I like Doctor Who, Mythbusters, Warehouse 13, Merlin, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. Books? I like Harry Potter, Eragon, The Heir Chronicles, The Seven Kingdoms Trilogy, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Pendragon, and a whole lot more. If I put the whole list, it would take all day. Music. Um. I like (and this is in no particular order): Taylor Swift, Hey Monday, Coldplay, Paramore, Hunter Hayes, Avril Lavigne, Maroon 5, Priscilla Ahn, Hellogoodbye... again with the taking all day thing. I like turquoise, jeans, spinning in circles, and dying my hair. Hi, I'm Potato, nice to meet you.

(and p.s. i actually know someone named myla)


  1. Yes I am who you think I am. AM from GS lol. :) I always will have a new code name every few months.

  2. Well, someone had to break up the poems! :p