A Blood Red Sly. Part Eight.


After my mom's funeral, I found myself sitting with Dell on the beach. I was wearing an odd looking hat like I usually did and she said “I haven't seen any Dragons.”

“Me neither.” I said. I was looking at the clouds and she said “Where do you think they went?”

I looked at the sky for a moment before responding “I don't know.”

“Do you think they'll ever come back?” she asked.

“Probably, someday. I'm not the first Magistra Sanguis. And I'm probably not the last one.” I said.

“If they do come back, will you fight them again?” Dell asked. I closed my eyes and said “No. What happened, happened. There's no point in pretending that I still hate them, but so long as they don't bother me, I won't bother them. I see no reason to. The Queen wanted me to kill them for her. She can do it herself if she likes. I don't care anymore.”

Dell didn't ask anymore questions, but I didn't think we would ever stop talking about the Dragons.

“Rebecca!” I heard someone call. I opened my eyes and sat up. I turned and saw Hope walking towards us. Dell sat up too and Hope came and sat next to us.

“Pretty day, isn't it?” Hope asked. I nodded and she said “Are you okay, Becca?”

I looked out at the horizon. I had never really taken the time to really look at it before. It was quite peaceful now that I looked at it.

“Yes.” I replied. “I am okay. The Dragons are gone, the Fairies are leaving me alone, and I'm no longer Magistra Sanguis.”

“That's not what I meant.” Hope said. I sighed and said “I know. I miss my mom. But she was sick for a very long time. She wasn't poisoned. The berry doesn't kill you that way. It was cancer all the way.”

Hope said nothing. She looked at the sky and said “Thank you, Rebecca Jones.”

“What?” I asked. Hope smiled and said “You helped me remember. When I was little, I used to see Dragons too. I even had a friend. I called him Chamon, because he coughed all the time and that's what it sounded like. But I grew up and they faded. When you killed the Dragon when I first met you, they started to come back for me. I saw them again every so often and when yo gave me that potion, I could see their whole world again. It's why I believed you. Why I love you now. When you drew the Dragons, I remembered more and more.”

I turned and stared at her. I blinked and said “Why didn't you tell me before?”

“Because...” she stopped and looked at the horizon like I had. “Because I was scared, Rebecca. I'm not as brave as you. I hoped it wasn't real and I blocked it out. But not you. You're a warrior. A fighter.” she then looked at me and said “It's not over, Rebecca. It never is. You both have to keep an eye out. The Fairies do not make good enemies. They don't give up, and they're bloodthirsty beasts. Don't trust them, for they are liars.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“The Queen kept secrets from you, Rebecca. When has she ever showed you true kindness?” Hope asked.

“How do you know about the secrets?” I asked.

“Because,” said Hope, “I was once a Hera Sanguis.”

“Majesty?” Relicta said as she crept up to the Queen. The Queen turned, fangs bared. She was no longer the beautiful Fairy that Rebecca Jones had met. Her hair and lips were pitch black and her skin was white as paper.

“That is it, Relicta?” she snarled.

“What will become of Rebecca Jones?” the young Fairy asked. The Queen laughed and said “If she's smart, she'll stay out of the way. But if she's stupid like Hope Gray, then she shall die, just like Hope Gray will.”

“I liked Hope.” mumbled Relicta, her skin turning white and her red eyes facing the ground.

“Silence, Relicta. You like all the Magistra Sanguis.” said the Queen harshly. “You even likes the Magister Sanguis.”

Relicta did not reply. She was in her true form now, with black hair, black lips, red, catlike eyes, fangs, white skin, and long black nails.

Soon, Relicta, we shall either be allied with the Mortals, or declare war on them with the Draconum.” the Queen said. “For I am Queen Tenebra of the Darkness, Obscurity, Night, and Concealment.”

“Not to mention Ignorance.” muttered Relicta.

The Queen turned and said “You forget my last name, Inmisericors.” she smiled coldly and said “Merciless, Pitiless, Remourless, Relentless.”

Relicta screamed in pain and then Queen walked up to her. “Though, you were a useful servant.” and then Relicta was no more.

But from the door, a Fairy watched. She looked downwards and then looked back at her Queen. One thought ran through her mind. Traitor.


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