Tales of Lauren Mind Games

In the middle of September, a girl was eating a cake. It was her birthday, so her older brother stole her one. It was a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, her favorite. It wasn't much, but for a couple of runaways, it was the best birthday gift she could ask for. Her brother had stolen it from a Dairy Queen. She would always remember her 10th birthday.
Lauren woke up at five every day. She would get up, eat some cereal, take a shower, then brush her teeth. When she was done, it would be about 6:30. Then she would go next door to see her brother, Jake, and his friends Colin and Tom. But today didn't go like that. She woke up at 5:36 setting her hole day off. First, she was late to meet her brother so he sent Colin to go into her room. She was still brushing her teeth when Colin walked in. He was so quiet that she didn't relies that he was there until he said something.
“Hello? Lauren?” He said. She jumped back in surprise.
“Oh, sorry. Did I scare you?” She nodded. To wasn't every day the boy you have a crush on walks in on you brushing you teeth. Then again, he wasn't anyone that would say anything about it.

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