The Boy of Dark and Light

A boy sat in the corner of a classroom. His deep brown eyes focused on a empty desk. His mind was never in one place. His teacher was talking about art, nothing he cared about. The girl in front of him was taking notes, about the boy in the seat next to her. He sighed quietly. He looked around once more, taking into account all the changes in the shadows. A girl at the front of the room moved her head a little, but her shadow didn't move with it. His powers have been getting stronger. After class it was lunch time.
“Colin!” He stopped in his tracks. No one ever called his name. Colin turned around slowly. A boy about his age. Black hair, blue eyes, vary pale.
“You are Colin right?” He asked.
“Yes. Why?” He replied.
“The names Jake.” Said the boy called Jake. “I was told you were the new kid.” Colin nodded. He turned back to his meal. Rotten apples, yum. Jake sat down next to him, and Colin sighed.
“You're not going to leave me alone are you.” Said Colin. Jake shook his head. Goody, thought Colin, I guess I'm stuck with him then.
“So, if you're not going to leave, what do you want?” Asked Colin.
“Is this where I suppose I should say world peace?” Colin put his head in his hands. He thought about Liz. What she would say to him. All the things she told him about controlling his anger. He took a deep breath, and all the light in the room disappeared. A girl at one of the tables opened her palm and made fire. It was enough light to get everyone out of the cafeteria. A boy named Tom with shaggy brown hair ran up to Jake.
“Are you alright? All the lights went out!” Said the Tom.
“We know, we were there.” Said Colin. The boy looked older than them, but not by much. He looked shocked to see that someone was there, they always were. Shortly fallowing the boy, came a girl. Her short black hair was cut to look like a comic book character. Blue eyes that looked like the sky. And with her makeup, and punk cloths, she was the most beautiful girl at school. Yeah, even Colin knew who she was. Her name was Lauren. She never got a grade above B, usually C, and she was Jake's sister. Also Tom's crush.
“Tom, calm down.” Said Lauren. Tom looked down at Lauren's boots, combat boots, and smiled.
“You love those ones.” He said. She smiled, and looked over to Colin. Her blue eyes froze for a moment on him, then went back to Tom. Maybe it was his imagination, but he saw sympathy in her eyes. She turned to her brother. Jake had been standing there the hole time not saying anything, not like him.
“Why do quiet?” she asked.
“Nothing. You seem to be sad.” Jake said. She smiled, but it looked fake.
“I'm fine. It's just,” she looked down.
“Just what?” Asked Colin.
“Burning light.” she muttered. The sound of that sent a chill down Colin's back. Colin spotted the girl that had helped everyone out with her fire, then he realized that it was the same girl at the front of the class. He turned and started to walk over when he saw Tom out of the corner of his eye. He had a smug look on his face. And a smile that says, I got away with something. Then he saw that he was holding Lauren by the wrist.

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