A Knife in the Dark part 17

A girl with white hair ran through the sky. Her gold eyes shimmered in the light of the setting sun. She stopped for a moment, looking back up at her home in the clouds. She started to cry as she saw the scene. A cloud of smoke covered her home. She ran away from the truth, that it was all her fault.
“Come with me.” said a girl in black. She reached out her hand, but the girl with white hair swatted it away.
“No, you made me like this in the first place!” She tried to run, but the girl in black grabbed her wrist.
“Wether you come with me willingly or not, I will have you.” The girl with wight hair struggled against the grip of the girl in black. She vanished into the air. The girl in black screamed at the sky. She took of her clock to show her green hair, her skin shimmered in the light. She disappeared in mist, leaving nothing but the smell of the ocean behind her.
The girl in black appeared in a dark room with a boy, a shadow, and a ghost.
“Leann,” She bowed to the ghost. “I couldn't hold her down. I-I have failed you.” The ghost said something in with her hands and the boy repeated it.
“She says that you will not get a chance to try again,” He took a shaky breath wall The ghost said more. “You will not live much longer. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.” The boy looked away as the girl in black was killed in front of him.
“How can you do this Luke?.” He nodded as the shadow spoke.
“Thanks, you are nice to me no matter what happens.”
“I wouldn't put your trust in her Luke.” the girl with wight hair stood in the corner with an unconscious boy.
“Sean!” yelled the shadow.
“No! Don't bring him here!” Yelled the boy named Luke. “He is a monster!”
“Him? He is not the monster, he killed it.”
“No!” Yelled Luke. “He has killed all the men in the army of Toro! No one has more power then that boy! All of the elements bow to him! He is Sean, slayer of the ground, sea, sky, and smoke! And you bring him to us?!”
“Yes, he will save the four. He always has been the saver, and nothing you say to him will change that.”
“No! You shall join us in the fight against all that the boy stands for!” Yelled Luke.
“If you think that I will join you, there is something wrong with your bran.” Sean groaned.
“He knows of your little secret. You can keep it much longer.” the girl with wight hair grabbed Leann and disappeared. Luke took a cold glance at Sean. Sean opened his eyes to show a bright blue. There was a scar on Sean's right arm, the mark of the saver. He stood up, and looked at the shadow of a girl and Luke.
“Hello, did I miss much sense the last time I was in this room?” No one said anything. “What? Nothing? You really don't want to see me that much?”
“You aren't welcome here Sean.” said Luke.
“Since when do you know my name?”
“No! I mean really, why do you want me to go so badly?”
“Sean, go.” the voice of the shadow was deep, but Sean knew it somehow. Luke walked out.
“Who are you?”
“My name doesn't matter Saver.”
“When did I become a saver? I have never saved anyone.” The shadow became a girl on the floor. The girl stood up, her long blond hair flowing by her side. She had a gray dress with a slit up the side. A princes of Ice, pale skin, light gray eyes. Annabella was one of the most beautiful girls in all of Sarè. Sean's hart skipped a beat when he saw her.
“Wow, you look nice.” Anna smiled at him.
“Thank you Sean. You're too kind.” She looked into his blue eyes, leaned in and kissed him. He was rad but he held her, and kissed her back. With his heart pounding, he stepped away from her.
“Do you not like me?”
“No, I do. But, I wasn't excepting that.” She hugged him. He felt his heart rate get faster. He knew that she was a princes and he was just some guy, but he didn't care. He looked at her gray eyes, that was all he could do. She was so beautiful and he was no one. She kissed him again. With no thought, he kissed her back. She took his hand.
“Nothing can take us away from each other.” Annabella said. She ran her hand up his arm. She felt his scar, and looked into his eyes.
“How did you get this?”
“I was born with it, why?”
“Nothing.” A chill went through Sean's body. Then it was filled with the warmth of a kiss. A feeling that this was a bad idea flowed through his mind. But he didn't want to hear it. Her skin was soft, her cold lips gave him the chills but she held him tight so he didn't mind. Maybe she was right, nothing could keep them from each other. She made him not want to move away from her. But that didn't stop her. She looked away from him.
“What's wrong?”
“Nothing, it's just. You're the best person I know Sean. But you can't be with me.”
“Ouch, just like that. You can't be with me. Well, that would have been nice to know before you kissed me.”
“I'm sorry Sean, I do like you. Against every part of my body, my hart belongs to you.” he hugged her.
“It's okay Anna. I understand.”
“You have a hard life in front of you Sean, but I can't be part of it.”
“I know. I wish that I could be with you, but I know that you can't be with me.” she smiled.
“I am glad you understand.” She kissed his cheek. With that, she faded into a shadow.
“Oh, and don't let Luke get away.” The shadow vanished leaving Sean alone in a dark room. Luke walked back in with a sword.
“Hello again Sean. Care for a fight?”
“I rather not, but knowing you that means get over here and let me kill you. Well, I have just gotten my hart ripped out by my crush, so that would be a yes. I would love to fight you just so I can get you out of my head.” Sean walked up to him and grabbed his sword. He stepped back, and pointed the tip of his sword to Luke's neck. Luke smiled, and hit his sword to Sean's.
“Do you know who I am yet?” Asked Luke.
“Luke, 329. 7th legion. Trader to the world. Yes, I know who you are.” Sean hit his sword with such power Luke dropped it. Sean pushed the flat of his blade to Luke's chest.
“I don't want break another hart today. You are possibly the worst dream I ever have, but I can't bring myself to kill you.” Luke stood there in shock as Sean dropped his sword. It crashed to the ground and the blade shattered on impact.
“Cheating are we?”
“No, you through it down quickly. That was your fault.”
“Don't be crazy Luke, I can't shatter metal.”
“You can't, the Saver can.”
“What is the Saver! And why do people think that I am this Saver person!”
“That mark on your arm, the mark of the Saver.” Sean laughed at him.
“It's just a scar, not some big mark of the Saver thing you make it out it be.” he laughed some more. Luke looked insulted by his laughter.
“This is not a laughing maker Sean! You could kill anyone! You, Sean 506, are the threat, not me.” Sean stopped laughing.
“You never say that someone is better then you. Not even being a threat, you always make yourself sound better then me. You're not kidding are you? You really think that I'm some Saver guy.” Luke nodded.
“Finally noticing that 506?”
“Yeah, but how am I the Saver? I have never saved anyone?”
“You don't have to.”
“Really? That's the best you could come up with?”
“I didn't make it! My sister did!”
“Who's that?” he puffed up his cheat a little.
“Leann, queen of the contest.”
“You heard me, Leann.”
“No, I mean you killed her, and she let's you help her?”
“Yeah, she's proud of me for that.” Sean stood there with nothing to say. There was a cold wind and Leann stood holding Annabella by her neck.
“Leann.” Luke bowed to his sister.
“Anna! Let her go Leann!”
“She says no.” said Luke.
“Well then tell her I will kill her if she doesn't!” Sean tensed up, he wouldn't let her kill his friend. Luke repeated it to Leann, and she through Annabella to the ground.
“She says to try, Sean this isn't wise. She will kill you.”
“I don't care. She can't hurt Anna.”
“You really like her don't you? If you will die so she can live one more day, you would save her.”
“I would. You haven't really met me if you think for even a second that I would die to save her.” Luke shrugged. Leann looked at Sean, and she flickered. She lunged on him. He stepped out of the way. Just as she past, the air got colder. He paused, the chill made him think of Anna. He got mad. He grabbed part of his shattered blade. His mind raced. No one would stand in his way. He stepped foreword. The broken blade hurt in his clenched fist. He screamed as struck the broken blade into the ghost's back. Leann melted into the ground. Luke looked at him in shock. Sean ran over to Annabella.
“Anna! Are you okay?” she didn't say anything. He held his bleeding hand under her head.
“Anna, please.” He started to cry. She took a shaky breath. Her eyes fluttered open.
“Sean?” he nodded.
“I will never let you go Anna. Nothing can take me away from you.”
“Sean, I am so sorry. I won't ever leave you again.” He smiled down at her.
“I won't let you if you try. No matter what, I will stay with you.” She managed a smile. Luke picked up the shattered blade Sean had used up kill his sister.
“Iron, of corse.” He said to himself. “The only thing that can kill a ghost.” He put it down, and looked over to Sean and Annabella. He walked over and sat next to them. They both ignored Luke. He tried to help Anna, but she didn't let him.
“I only want to help.”
“Is that what you said to your sister Luke?” Said Sean.
“That was six years ago! You think I would hurt her?”
“Yes, you are a killer! I'm not going to let you even try to help her!” Luke walked back to the corner and sat down on the cold ground. Annabella whispered something to Sean, and all the color in his face disappeared. He looked down at his bleeding hand. His blood wasn't red, it was black.
“What? This can't be right.”
“No, that's right. Your blood has always been black.” He looked at his bleeding hand a little longer, then he saw that his cut wasn't as deep as it had been a moment ago.
“What's happening to me?”
“You're figuring it out. Come on Sean, think.”
“You are the Saver,” added Luke. “You're not normal.”
“Thanks Luke, but I wasn't asking you.” Luke shrugged.
“Sean, remember when your left arm was cut. Well how long did it take for it to heal?”
“Three days, max. Why?”
“A cut like that should take a month, at least.”
“Are you saying that I can heal faster than anyone else?” she nodded.
“You are possibly the most powerful person ever. You took the power that your sister would have had, that's why she doesn't have any.”
“Lucky.” muttered Luke.
“So you're saying I am this Saver person? And I can heal fast and brake metal?”
“Yeah, you're pretty amazing.” Sean blushed a little.
“Thanks, but if that's true that means that I am not just some guy. And you knew this. So why couldn't you be with me?”
“Because, you weren't you. You weren't that nice boy that couldn't say anything wall looking at me. You weren't the shy Sean I fell in love with.” She kissed him.
“I thought you didn't like it when I was to shy to look at you?”
“No, it's the most adorable thing ever. You would make me feel like I mattered.”
“You do.”
“Do you know how happy I am when you hold me?” She turned bright red.
“I bet you are going to tell me now right?” he laughed.
“Yes. You make me feel like no one when you hug me, you make me want to stay when you kiss me, and when you look at me with your shinning eyes, I feel like I want to disappear into them.” She blushed even more.
“Well, when you tell me that you will never go, no words can explain how I feel.” He smiled, and took her hand.
“I will never go.” She laughed, and squeezed his hand.
“As much as I like looking at you two being all lovey dovey, I would like to leave more.”
“Luke, why are you always so depressed?” asked Annabella. Luke shrugged.
“Don't know. I think it might have something to do with my past.” He looked down, his past was a sensitive subject for him. He had been a slave until he was five, then when he was 11 he went to the contest like every boy at that age. Then he had killed his sister in rage. And then his sister became the most hated person in the world, The Queen of the Contest as they call her, hurt him over and over again. Then Sean showed up, this untouched boy with the power to kill his sister.
“Sorry, I shouldn't think about that.”
“I have watched your life, and it is a sad story. So let's not talk about that shall we?” Said Sean trying to be up beat. Annabella looked at him like he was crazy. Luke looked up at Sean.
“So if you really are the saver, save me from the dark in my mind.”
“What dark? Your head is fine?” Luke smiled.
“How did you know that?” Sean shrugged.
“Your face, your right eye brow twitched 0.003 centimeters.”
“I don't know, but it's true.” Annabella examined his eyes.
“Are you okay Sean?”
“Yeah, I'm fine.”
“No, you're not. Luke, what happens if someone would kill a ghost?”
“Well, they might understand every ghost they find.” He said.
“And the negative?”
“They can sometimes get the ability to see extremely well.” He added. “But that's not bad unless they have some sort of problem with it somehow.”
“Luke, I think Sean might have that ability. And I don't know how I feel about that.”
”It's not like I have supper powers, is it?” Luke nodded.
“You are superhuman Sean.” Said Luke.
“Sean, relax. You'll be fine.” Said Annabella.
“Don't lie to me.” Luke flinched at what Sean had said.
“Sean, don't do this. I know how you fell, but if you do this, I can't help you. Let it go, she trying to help you.” Luke knew what was about to happen, he has done it.
“Don't lie to me! Luke, you don't know anything about me. If you think that you know me why do your eyes say that I might be the saver but you can take me down if you wanted to.” Annabella looked at Luke, then back to Sean her eyes full of tears.
“Sean calm down. This isn't you.”
“And how do you know that Annabella? Can you read my mind? No? Well then how would you know that Princess Annabella?”

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