Across The Void (A Doctor Who Fanfiction) Part One

I realize I'm supposed to write on Fridays. But I felt like writing, so there. What're YOU gonna do About it, huh? 
Anyways, this is a Doctor Who fanfic about Ten and Rose's daughter Kacie in 2021. I figured if Myla and Artemis can do fanfics, why can't I?

Kacie Tyler was thirteen years old. Her entire life, her parents had taught her about the universe, all sorts of things most people wouldn't believe. She knew about all of her parents' adventures, and her dad would teach her random things about different aliens whenever he felt like it. She loved hearing stories about the Other Earth, the one where her mum had lived and her dad had been created.

But she was never allowed to help them. Even without a TARDIS, they still kept Earth safe, and Kacie wanted more than anything to go with them. But she always had to stay with Gram and Gramps. She loved her grandparents, but just sitting around doing nothing drove her mad. She was too much like her parents to NOT go on adventures.

But they disagreed. Of course they disagreed. Nobody wants their teenage daughter running about chasing aliens all day. And that's why she snuck into Torchwood late one night while her parents were doing "things" and her Gram and Gramps were asleep, and stole a... she couldn't remember what it was called. But it was a void-transporter-thingy. Her mum had told her about them, and explained that they didn't work anymore. Kacie didn't care. It was going to take her to the Other Earth, where the Doctor-Who-Wasn't-Kacie's-Dad would take her adventuring.

She slipped the chain around her neck, and slammed her hand against the huge yellow button. Nothing happened. Maybe it was like a cellphone, and she didn't have any reception?
She climbed up some boxes, and pushed the button again. She sighed.

Kacie ran outside into the rainy London night, and tried once again. Still nothing.
"RAAGH!" she screamed and threw the button down onto the street. She stomped on the button angrily. There was a flash of blue light.

She was standing on the familiar street corner, and it was still raining. But there weren't any zeppelins in the sky. There were a lot of cars though.
"It worked... OH MY GOD IT WORKED!" She pumped her fist in the air.
She'd done it. Now all she had to do was find the most elusive man in the universe. And maybe get out of the rain.

(Side note: The picture of the girl is Julia Joyce- the actress who played young Rose in the beginning and end of Father's Day)

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