A Knife in the Dark part 16 (Sean)

A boy looked at his dead friend. Tears ran down his face.
“No!” he yelled as his sister polled him away. He kicked at her, screamed at her to let him go.
“They're dead! Let them go!” His sister yelled at him. She hit his neck, and he fell into her arms. She wouldn't let her little brother awaken. She held him as she cried in the rain. A boy came and sat next to her.
“I am sorry they died.”
“Me too.” The girl hugged him.
“He thought of them as a sibling.”
“I think we all did.” The boys younger sister, A girl with a cut on her arm, helped her brother up. They said goodbye, and left the girl with her unconscious brother in the rain. The girl woke up her brother.
“Wake up.” He woke up and looked up at his older sister. A rain drop hit his eye and he closed it quickly.
“why did they have to die?”
“Everything dies.”
“Not them, they stood up to a giant and didn't die! They should still be alive. It should have killed me instead!” The girl frowned.
“No, if you had died I wouldn't be alive. They saved your life.” The boy started to cry at his sisters words. She hugged him tight.
“Why do you think you were chosen to lead the group to save Princes Rose?”
“Because I was the first to get my hole group out in the contest.”
“And why was that?”
“I let my group leave me behind as I fought the dragon.”
“Why did you stay to fight the dragon?”
“I was brave.” the girl nodded.
“Yes, you are brave.”
“No! They are!” He pointed at his died friend. “They are the hero! Not some drop out like me!” he stood up and looked down at his sister.
“You lie to me! You say that you care! But you don't! You tell me I am brave! But I am not! I hate you!”
“Brother please,”
“No!” his eyes glowed green. The rain stopped poring, and made a sphere around him.
“Brother! No!”
“Are you asking me to stop? To late.” A supernova of water drowned his sister.
“You will never lie to me again.”
Sean opened his eyes. His visions had been getting worse. Always the same boy, but at different points in his life. All of these in a blink of an eye. He sat down.
“What's wrong?” Lucy came over and sat next to him. “Sean? You okay?”
“Yeah, I'm fine.”
“Sean, you're my twin. I can tell when something is wrong with you.”
“What is you're name?” sean said too himself. “Why do I keep seeing you all the time?”
“Sean? We have to help Jon.” Kate said from the end of the room. She looked down at her older brother. He was about to die, and Sean was siting on the ground because of something the no one knows about.
“I'm sorry Kate. I can't.”
“Sean, we need you. You're the only one that has a chance of saving him.”
“I'm sorry, I'm so, sorry.” his head started to spin again, and he closed his eyes for a second. That was his mistake. The world faded into a cold room. The same boy stood in the corner. His green eyes shimmered in cool light. He was older this time. His eyes fallowed a shadow around the room, but the rest of him didn't move. The shadow stopped moving. It's form changed until it was the shadow of a girl. It oped it's moth and no words came out. But the boy nodded as if he understood it perfectly.
“I know, but how can I do it?” the shadow responded and this time it spoke in a deep, hard voice.
“Kill the boy, he watches us,” the boy looked at Sean. But that couldn't be right. It was only a dream.
“Kill him! Kill him now! He try's to wake, but I can fix that.” Sean felt like the world was fading again but he wasn't waking up, he was falling asleep. When the world came back, he was on a bus. The boy was now around 11. The boy looked at a girl next to him.
“Were are we going?” She looked at him like he was crazy. “What? I want to know.”
“I wasn't looking at you.” the boy looked at Sean. Fear creeped into his mind. Sean couldn't say anything, move or figure out how he recognized the girl.
“What are you doing here?!” the girl yelled. Everyone on the bus stared at him.
“Who are you, and why do I keep seeing you?” the boy muttered to himself. Sean tried to say the same thing but he still couldn't say a thing.
“Let me through!” A man came out of nowhere.
“you! Who are you?!” Sean opened his moth and to his surprise he could speak.
“I- oh, I can talk. Nice.”
“Run! Run, Sean! Run for your life!” the girl yelled.
“How do you know my name?”
“Run!” the man grabbed her neck.
“You're not going anywhere.” he lunged on him. Sean's contest training took over. He side stepped, and hit the man's back with his fist. Or that was the plan. When Sean stepped out of the way, the man grabbed Sean's arm and poled him down with him.
“You can't get away that easily.”
“Who are you? I mean, I know that this is not where I should be. But you are, I don't know. Different then anyone I have ever faced before?”
“So, you have had many battles? I knew it! You're a criminal!”
“What? No, oh no. Now you think, oh no.” the man gave him an evil look.
“Thats right boy. You're going back.”
“Look, all I want to know is who the hell he is!” he pointed at the boy.
“Him? He is no one.” The man tried to attack again, but Sean was to fast for him. He docked as the man tried to punch him, then hit him in the stomach.
“Nice try.”
“Who are you?”
“I told you. Sean, 506.” he looked back at the girl, and he knew who the were.
“Now, Sean. I am not impressed.” she gave him a big hug.
“I almost didn't recognize you.” she did a fake gasp.
“How can you do that to me? I am your girlfriend, aren't I?”
“I wouldn't say that. How did you get in my dream?”
“I have my ways.” she leaned in, but Sean pushed her away. She pouted.
“Why not.”
“You're older then me.”
“Only by a year.”
“You dream of me?”
“I try not to.” she kissed his cheek.
“That's not vary romantic.”
“I didn't think this was romantic.”
“Well, I am telling you now that it is.”
“I don't know what I think of that.”
“Be happy for once.” she kissed him, and he turned rad.
“Anna, did you just kiss me?”
“Oh, look who's waking up now.”
“Good, this was just to strange.”
With a jolt Sean opened his eyes. No time had past like normal, but the thought of Anna was stock in his mind. He walked over to Kate, Lucy, Anna, and Jon.
“What happened for the hour I was gone, oh sorry. What happened for the second I was gone.”
“Sean are you okay? You're blushing?” said Lucy.
“Yeah, I'm fine. But Jon isn't. How can I help?”
“Well, he is burning up from the inside out. There isn't much we can do.” said Kate.
“We could try, I don't know what to do.” Said Anna as she started to cry.
“Hey, everything will be fine.” Said Sean. He put his arm around her. He felt a little awkward, but she leaned in to him. Jon exhaled a ball of smoke. A body started to form in the smoke. The smoke spiraled around into closed eyes. They opened showing smoky gray. A face, and them a body formed in the smoke. They fell out, groaned, opened their gray eyes, and stood up. Everyone looked at this person that had been formed from smoke. Jon coughed, the man made of smoke flickered.
“Jon?” said the smoke man.
“Are you really there, or am I imagining you?”
“I'm real Katy Kat.” she turned to her friends, they looked as confused as she was.
“What happened to your eyes?”
“I am made of all that left of Jon, smoke. If he hadn't made me, Jon would die, and all that would be left would be the fire.” The smoke man looked at Jon.
“He used the last of his life to bring me back.”
“No! Jon, don't leave me here.” She cried over her brothers body. The smoke man put his hand on her shoulder.
“I'm so, sorry Kate.” she hugged him.
“Bring him back! Now!”
“Kate, I can't.”
“You killed him! So save him!”
“Why, because I couldn't save you!”
“No, Kate please. No one could have saved me.”
“Go away! I don't need you anymore!”
“I know you don't need me, but I need you Kate.” she cried on his shoulder.
“I'm sorry, Eli.”

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