A Knife in the Dark Parts 18-19

18 Eli

Being dead is like being asleep but you don't wake up from a bad nightmare. I don't recommend it. Kate said once that Jon was her never ending nightmare. I hope it's not true. Lucy makes me sad. When I look at her, I can only think of all the bad things in her life. We know who The Four will be because we found a page of a book that was ripped out. It read: The Four shall go to seek out our queen, to kill her. A smoke can't burn without fire. You can't save without something to die. You can't runaway from yourself. You can't live without water.
That was all it said. The page had been ripped in half. The first part was the part that scared me. If I am the smoke, what is my fire?
I woke up with Kate still asleep on top of me. Her head on my chest.
“Uh, Kate?” I said and she groaned. “Can you get off of me please? I would like to get up.”
“Yeah, okay.” She yawned, and sat up. She opened her eyes. Her black hair had a red streak in it. Not intentionally, it just did. She had blue eye unlike her brother. Her black tank top was tattered. With her hair tied up, you could see the scar on her neck. Her neck had been burned and frozen at the same time by the touch of the ghost queen. Back in Toro, my home town, Kate was the first girl I met besides my mom. With all the things that happened, I'm glad I met her at that river.
Lucy started to wake up. Her pin strait hair knotted from a bad nights sleep. She may look just like her brother, but their nothing alike. He is strong and she is soft all the way through. When he is standing tall, she is falling. Sean came in carrying Annabella.
“Oh my god. What happened to her?” I asked.
“I don't know what Leann did to her, but she needs help. Now.” Sean said as he put Annabella down. Kate ran over and put her hand on Anna's forehead.
“She's cold.” She said. “What did you do to her Sean.”
“What? You're blaming me for this?” He replied. “You think I wanted her to get hurt? She might die, and you think it was me?”
“Sean, she has a cut on her arm. Leann goes for the neck, not the arm. This was you.”
“I killed Leann, Kate!” Sean yelled. He held out his hand. It was bleeding black.
“Sean, what happened to your hand?” I asked.
“I grabbed a broken sword. Then I stabbed Leann in the back, you're welcome.” Annabella gasped for air. Her gray eyes didn't open, but she was still alive.
“First we need to help Anna, then we can argue. Okay?” I said. Sean and Kate nodded at the same time.
“I think I can help. After all, it was my sister that did this to you.” Said a man in the corner. He had bright green eyes but his black shaggy hair was making it hard to see his face. He was dressed in all black. A sword at his side, he was the kind of guy I try to avoid. His smile was sad, and the way he held his body, he felt a lot of gilt for something. I tried not to think of what he was guilty about. It only scared me more. He stepped foreword, but Sean held him back.
“Don't you think you've done enough!” Sean yelled.
“I only want to help!” Replied the guy.
“You're a killer!”
“That was six years ago, Sean! Let it go! Besides, you are the one that killed her.” I swore that this man was about to cry. I all most felt bad for him, but Sean apparently didn't.
“I don't care, just stay away from Anna. Next time I see you ‘helping her’, I'm going to kill you! Got that?!” The man burst into mist, and vanished.

19 Sean

Sean was standing in his room back in Saré. His short sword was on his bed, right where he left it. He reached out to grab it. He hadn't seen it for two years, the day of the prank. He sheathed it. Sean looked around his room. It was the same as the day he met Lucy. He picked up a picture from when he was little. His blue eyes were sparkling as his mom was taking the picture. His hair was cut short. Sean felt his hair, it had been so long ago. His hair was now to the middle of his ear. Without thinking, he grabbed the knife on his desk; he cut his hair. Blond hair all over the ground. He sighed.
“Sad?” Sean turned around and grabbed his short sword. A girl with white hair and pale skin was sitting on his bed.
“Who the hell are you?!” The girl stepped back in shock. She looked into his eyes and relaxed a little.
“It is nice to see that you have improved over the last six months. I've been watching you, Saver.”
“You know… you know who I am?” Replied Sean, his sword still pointed at her.
“I know you better then you know yourself. That's why I took you back here. I know you have a connection with it.”
“You're not from this time, Sean. Your sister, on the other hand, is. I don't know how, but you're covered in time energy.”
“And how do you know this?”
“Because I knew you. Y-you were my boyfriend. You just disappeared when we were 16.” Sean dropped his sword and fell to his knees. He held his head in his hands. He screamed. A sharp pain had found its way into his head.
“Yes, it's me.”
“Alice, help me! Their screams won't stop!”
“What can I do for you?”
“Save me, Alice.” She helped him up. He leaned on her. “Help me back to my friends?” She nodded, and he passed out.
The first time he woke up, with Eli looking down at him.
“He's starting to wake up!” He yelled to his friends. Lucy ran over and smiled at him. Then he blacked out again. The next time he woke up, Alice sitting next to him. She was looking at him, her eyes full of pain. She saw that he was awake and she smiled. She helped him sit up.
“How do you feel?” She asked.
“My head hurts,” He replied. “Ugh, what happened to me?”
“You passed out, so I took you and your friends to Rose. She help with your head. Your friend Annabella was vary scared for you.”
“Yeah, um, about that. She is kind of my girlfriend. I didn't know that I was from the past. I didn't know about you.”
“I know, she told me all about it.” She kissed him and left. Sean sighed. He finally gets a girlfriend, and then he is a time traveler? Now that's not fair. Rose walked into the little room he was in.
“I don't know who you are, but if you do anything that might hurt my sister, I will stab you in hart with your own sword. Got that?” Said Rose. Sean nodded.
“I'm not afraid of you.” He replied.
“You should be.” Her eyes showed him his reflection. He looked awful. He thought about that picture in his room. He doesn't look like that anymore. He wondered what he had looked like when he was 16. He guessed that only Alice knew.
“Why? I don't have any resin to. I am not afraid of you.”
“I don't know what she sees in you. Whatever it is, I don't see it.” She turned around and left.
It was a long time before Sean could walk again. Kate came to see him sometimes, the only person that came every day was Rose. She would help him to recover from his own past. Sometimes Anna or Eli would come to check on him. He never saw Alice again.
When Sean could stand up again, Rose showed him where he was. He was in a huge house. Rose said that it was hers. She said she and Anna lived here when they were younger. He wondered how old they were here. I big house would have scared Lucy.
“Where's Lucy? I haven't seen her for a long time.” He asked Rose. She frowned.
“Who is Lucy?” Rose replied.
“She's my twin.” Rose shrugged.
“Never met her.”
“Yes you have, she was with Alice.” They heard a scream coming from outside. Sean started to run to them, but Rose held him back.
“You stay back, I don't want you to get in my way.” She ran off.

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