Tea Sloshing

“Stop sloshing your tea around in that infernal manner, Thomas. It’s not polite.” Thomas looked up at his Aunt through heavy lidded eyes and slowly sloshed his tea once more before swallowing it. My aunt, he thought contemplatively, putting his cup of tea down to study his red faced aunt, is so awfully fat. It must be because she swallows her tea like a pig. Much to fast.

The said Aunt meanwhile, was fidgeting in the train seat across from Thomas. She was an extremely sensible lady, who always drank her tea with disciplined fervor, and never enjoyed the way her ten year old nephew looked at her, like he was reaching into her soul with his eyes.

“’tain’t polite to look at people thataways, Thomas.” She told him constantly; He never listened. “Aunt Polly,” Thomas said in a deliberate manner, “I must tell you, there is a very important reason for my “tea sloshing”,” tea sloshing was said with definite quotes, “You probably never knew it, but tea has a multitude of flavors, and in order to enjoy the flavors to the fullest you must let it slosh back and forth, back and forth (said gently) in your mouth.” He looked passively at his wide-eyed aunt who was staring at him with her flabby mouth moving but no sound emitting from it, then picked up his cup and took a deliberate sip, making sure to slosh the tea around for demonstration.

Now that I’ve helped her, I’m sure she won’t be fat anymore, Thomas thought contentedly. He looked out the window at the rolling hills, I’m awful glad I’ve helped my Aunt out so much, but I think I shall be glad to be home again.

Mother’s tea has such better flavor.


Hello fellow people stuck in cyberspace,
Most of you won't know me. I'm Rebekah. This is my first post ever. I have been trying to get something up forever, but finally I just gave up trying to get something really good up. This is a weird little thing I wrote, and you must read it with a british accent. ;)
I hope you enjoyed.

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  1. I love it! And even funnier, I read it with a British accent even before I saw that I was supposed to.