A Knife in the Dark Part 11 (Kate)

It was dark, the world was spinning and a falling feeling had found its way into Kate's body.
“Hello? Anyone?” no one replied, Kate was alone. She looked around but it was to dark to see anything. Kate took out a glow stick from her backpack, she'd been saving it all year for something like this. Kate cracked it and its glow made just enough light for her to see: a fall that was about 30 miles deep, and Kate was heading right for it. She screamed, that wasn't like her, she always had control of her feelings.
“What's wrong with me?”
“Your body is going through denial.” Kate turned around to quickly and stumbled back into the pit. The girl that was talking before was fast, she came form the other side of the room to catching Kate right before she fell.
“thanks,” I said.
“Don't say a thing.”
“Why?” I asked.
“Shhh! They can hear you!” I quitted down.
“Who?” I asked in a shushed tone.
“My boss, Leann. Oh, I am Annabella.” Annabella said quietly. She slipped something out of her pocket, and handed it to Kate. Kate looked at it. The object was some sort of knife, Rose's knife. The gold handle felt heavy in Kate's hand, something had happened to Rose, something bad.

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