A Knife in the Dark part 12 (Rose)

“The way is hard”. I told myself.
“He'll find a way. He won't let you die in here.”
“Will he? He did this to you in the first place, didn't he?” I turned around and looked at someone I had never seen in my life until now.
“My name is Annabella. you are Rose, Chaos Rose.” said Annabella. “Or maybe I should call you princess Rose?” I stepped back in shock.
“You smell like a princess, and your blood is too cold to not be. That, Rose, is why you never went to the contest. You were too valuable to risk in there.”
“Who are you, really?” Annabella smiled coldly.
“You have seen me before.” She said it with a big smile. “When you were a little girl.”
“That can't be possible, I am older than you.”
“Yes, yes you are. But are you as strong as me?” it took Rose a moment to get it but when she did it wasn't pretty.
“Yes, I did love her vary much but it had to be done. I am sorry about mom Rose, I really am.”
“How could you! My little sister dead, can you imagine what mom went through! I'll kill you Anna!”

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