B'rinna {Part 9}

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Last time...
Mercury stepped forward and said,"My Lord, I shall proceed with educating this fine young female mortal in all things Dark Lands."

Then the work began in earnest. A dryad showed me my sleeping chambers, and I clambered onto the bed and fell asleep instantly. I was woken up by a knock on the door. A nymph, trailed by some dryads carrying a bronze tub between them. The tub, with it's lion feet, was set down, and filled with water. The dryads helped me out of my mud-splattered clothes and combed my hair. One of them held a mirror in front of me. I hadn't realized how dirty I was. I climbed into the bath gratefully and drifted off to sleep as the nymphs worked to clean me of the dirt, and purify me of my words. They gently woke me up, and clothed in the most exquisite I had ever seen. It was a light green, with very fine needlework on both sleeves in various colours. Then they braided my hair with flowers, and sweet smells.

A short while later, after the nymphs had left, Mercury entered with a pile of ancient manuscripts. "Now, B'rinna, you are to read through these like your life depends on it, which it does, but these manuscripts contain everything we know about the Dark Lands, and the legends that surround it. Read carefully, my dear." I looked at him, not knowing what to say. Didn't he understand that I had dyslexia. That I couldn't read properly. I tentatively opened the first book, and... I could read as clearly as I could see my dress. I looked at Mercury in amazement.
"Um. Mercury, I can read."
"Of course you can, everyone can read," he replied
"No, I mean, in my world it was always annoying to read cause all the letters would get mixed up."
"Oh, you mean that dysplexia-thing?"
"Uh, yeah, dyslexia. It means that I can't read properly."
"Well, it's like this, because you were pre-destined to save the Heavens, your brain has forever been programmed to read the ancient languages like Greek, Latin, etc. But I'll explain more another day, right now you have to study." And with that, he gathered his things and left the room.

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