B'rinna {Part 10}

Read {part 1}, {part 2}, {part 3}, {part 4}, {part 5}, {part 6}, {part 7}, {part 8}, and {part 9}. Can you believe that this is the 10th part in the series? I can't! Enjoy! :)

Last time...

"Well, it's like this, because you were pre-destined to save the Heavens, your brain has forever been programmed to read the ancient languages like Greek, Latin, etc. But I'll explain more another day, right now you have to study." And with that, he gathered his things and left the room.

I studied into the night and only broke my concentration when Axel came into the room. I looked up as he closed the door behind him. And nearly had a heart attack!
"Axel! What.. why... ahh!" I nearly screamed as I ran to engulf him in a massive hug.

to be continued...

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