A Knife in the Dark Part 13 Eli

I know that it is still Sunday, but I can't get to the computer on Monday so you get the next part now!

When we last left Eli… He doubled over in pain, Rose yelled something at Jon but Eli couldn't understand it. Next thing he knew light and heat was poured over him. When he looked up, Rose was gone.
“Jon? What did you do?!”
“Killed her.”
“Why Jon? Why…?”
“She was figuring it out. I can't have anyone know about me, and my burn.”
“Your what?”
“I don't expect you to understand Eli. Do you remember when I saved you from the fire pit? I got burned.”
“I knew you wouldn't get it.” he turned around and looked at a girl that was standing behind him.
“Leann?” Jon asked.
“Ha! No.” the girl said as if the idea scared her.
“Then who are you?”
“Annabella, but you can call me Anna.” when she said it she pointed at Eli.
“Okay,” Eli thought that his heart was going to pound right out of his chest. Anna must have seen that because she blushed.
“Can you two stop that!” he looked at Anna, and tried to punch her, but she was fast. When Jon started to punch her, she grabbed his arm and twisted it, kicked him in the gut and looked back to Eli. Jon swore, and held his arm in his other hand.
“How did you do that…? You're… You're, amazing.” Anna blushed again.
“Thanks.” All the sudden a girl and a boy stood next to her. “This is Sean and Lucy, they're twins.” Sean glared at Eli, but Lucy gave him a big smile.
“Hi!” said Lucy.
“Uh…Hi?” Eli replied.
“Hello, I'm Sean. You must be Eli.” Sean shook his hand.
“How do you know that?”
“I can read minds. Not really, I've been in the shadows the whole time. Lucy, why don't you take Anna and leave us alone.”
“Okay Sean!” she left, leaving Sean, Jon, and Eli alone. Sean whispered to Eli something he wasn't excepting.
“We've been looking for your friend here for about a year now, how long have you known him?”
“about five years.” he looked surprised at that, as if he just said he was a donkey.
“Five? That's not good.” he said something under his breath, it sounded like, Died of fire by a lost friend, Saré has fallen to the ghost's command.
“The ghost's command…”
“Oh, You're good, Eli. Yes, Leann.” Sean turned to Jon, and gave him a smug smile.
“Now, Jon, you have caused to much trouble for one lifetime.” He took out Rose's knife and pointed it at Jon. The look on Jon's face was priceless, a little fear, a little surprise, and if he wasn't mistaken, a little bit of concern for Eli.
“Now, Sean, I don't do harm, I make fire. I am fire. And you don't seem like the type of person that plays with fire, you're to nice. You can't even protect your sister, can you? You left her when you were two, and never went back. If anything you're the bad guy.” Sean's hand was shacking wall he held the knife. Eli walked over and took the knife. He felt bad for Sean, it's not his fault he was born into the system.
“Sean, whats your number?” he almost felt bad asking but he wanted to know.
“506, do you have one?”
“Yes, 370.”
“Lucy and Kate have the same number…507.” they both looked at Jon with shock. The only thing Eli could think at that moment was, Wha? But luckily he didn't say it.
“Oh no, it's starting again. Eli, Sean, help me please.”
“Eli, help him to the ground.” Sean ran to the end of the room, opened the door and yelled something to the girls out side. Anna came running in to the room with Lucy right behind.
“What happened to him?”Anna was pale and looked concerned for Jon.
“Its happening again, we have to help him.” Sean looked back at Lucy.
“Get the ice, Lucy. Eli? Where'd he go?”
“Over here!” they all turned around except Sean.
“Well, get over here!”
“You're going to laugh at me,”
“No I won't, I promise.”
“Fine…I'm stuck.”
“Suck how?”
“I have the choice to move and die by a Giant, or stand still and live. My choice is to live.” Sean nodded in agreement.
“That makes sense. I'll come to help you in a moment.” He got up and when he turned around Sean saw the situation.
“Oh…You really meant a giant…” His voice got a little squeaky when he said the word giant. he walked over slowly.
“You thought I would lie?”
“I won't know you for another two years so…”
“Never mind. Let's talk strategy.”

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