A knife in the dark part 14 (Jon)

when Jon woke up, a girl that looked about 12 was siting next to him. She was watching something faraway, like a battle or something.
“Who are you?” he asked. The girl turned around and looked at him.
“What happened to you?” the girl must have known something about him because she lifted up the leg of his pants and looked at the burn.
“Umm… I don't know.” the girl touched his leg and he screamed in pain.
“Sorry! I promise that I'm not trying to hurt you.”
“I know.” the burn glowed, and stung. He looked around and saw what the girl had been looking at. Eli, and an other boy, probably her brother, we're fighting a giant at the other end of the room they were in.
“You never answered me, who are you?” the girl looked at him with sympathy, but didn't answer him. He looked back to Eli and the other boy.
“We have to help them. Theres noway they can win that battle.”
“Lucy! Tell Anna that we need Kate and Rose now!” the other boy yelled. The girl must have been named Lucy, because she looked at him and nodded. Then she closed her eyes for a few seconds. Looked up and smiled at him.
“Kate is coming! But Rose has a little bit of, um... Hate for her?” Jon looked around for his sister, but couldn't find her.
“Kate! Is she alright?!” Lucy had to hold him down.
“Where is she! Tell me!” A sudden rage filled his body. Pain, heat, and light. With a scream, Lucy let go and ran away. Faraway. Eli was hit to the ground by the giant. The other boy ran to his aid, but he was to late. Eli had been stabbed in the chest with a sword that the giant was using as a knife.
“Ahh!” Jon fell to the ground in pain. It felt like something was struck into his back. Everything went black. All that was left was an echo in his ears. A sudden flash, causes fall of ash. A burning call, and fire consumes us all.
“No!” He regained control of his body. The world came back into focus, and he ran over to Eli.
“Eli! Stay with me! Oh, if you die now it will creat a paradox!” said the other boy. Jon ran up to them and knelt at Eli's side.
“Eli! How can we help?!” Eli managed to say one thing to him.
“You are not in the four.” with that, Eli looked at the other boy and whispered something to him. The boy looked like he was going to cry. Jon took one last look at Eli. His choppy blond hair, that needed to be cut. His brown eyes that looked like they could see the future. Tattered shirt and pants. Eli took off something from around his neck, and gave it to Jon.
“Give this to your sister for me? It belongs to her.” Jon nodded. Eli vanished in a cloud of smoke. Jon looked down at the necklace in his hand. Kate's choker. A peace of obsidian on a thick cord. He closed his hand around it.
“Hay you,” he pointed at the boy. “What's your name?”
“Sean, 506. That's my twin sister Lucy,” he nodded over to Lucy at the edge if the room. “She can be a little annoying, but she is my sister.”
“Jon Star. Yes, I know. Right now, we need to kill that giant.” Sean looked scared, like every word he said would be his last. Sean picked up the sword on the ground and looked at it with suspicion.
“I should be dead. Why hasn't the future been altered?” Jon shrugged, but he had no idea what he was talking about.
“The giant has a weak spot on its forehead. If we can hit it with the right amount of fours, we mite kill it.” Sean nodded in response, but he looked like his mind was somewhere faraway.
“Yeah, I think that should work. How do we get the right amount of fours?” Jon looked at the giant, and a thought that was hard to even think of came into his mind.
“Sean,” He gave him a big smile. “I have an idea.”

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